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Kitchen/Dining Room Scenario

Begging at the table or counter surfing are a tuff one for dogs. For dogs food is a basic need for survival, so naturally there is a lot of temptations.

It’s important for us to be able to communicate with the dog in a highly distracting environment like this. We train in the kitchen/Dining station with the goal of prevention, simple steps that can minimize opportunities.

Living Room Scenario

Almost all family time occurs in the living room. Activities like watching tv, playing games bring us together as a family, pets included. Some dogs fall right into the role we desire for them and some dogs struggle to fit in.

Maligators Dog Training focuses on a structured approach to ease dogs into a role compatible for them. Training them in the living room scenario we can layer in obedience, that is much easier to translate back home to you.

Dogs will learn to remain on place until he/she is released. Teaching them a calmer way to interact, with clear communication for successful training.

  Warehouse/Kennel Area

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