Van Life Tips: Dog Owner Edition

Van Life Tips: Dog Owner Edition

Van life can be exciting for you and your dog, filled with sights, fun, and adventure! So, read below for tips on van life as a dog owner!


Insulation will keep your van cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. So you and your furry friend will be comfortable no matter the temperature outside. Remember, if it’s too hot or cold for you in your van, it is uncomfortable for your furry friend. Additionally, insulated windshields and window covers will help control the temperature of your van, too.

Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioner will be a lifesaver on hot days. Installing air conditioning will keep you and your furry friend comfortable and cozy in your van. An air conditioner paired with excellent insulation is the perfect combination for the best homey environment for you and your canine.


Ensuring your van is safe and secure is essential for your and your canine’s safety. So, we recommend the DroneMobile! The security sensors detect shock, tilt, glass-break, and towing and send these notifications right to your phone! Additionally, you can remote-start your van from your smartphone, which will stay on for 25 minutes. This time frame is an excellent feature if you need to leave your pup in your car for a quick errand. The device will ensure that your van is temperature-controlled while also ensuring the safety of your companion.

Maintain a Schedule

Our companions thrive on a regular schedule. So, while on the road, stick to a consistent eating and exercise routine. Every dog is different, so pay attention to their habits and preferences. Are they comfortable eating in the moving van? Where do they prefer to eat? Pay attention to all these things to keep them happy and healthy!

Exercise and Socialization

Dog parks are a great way to give your pup exercise and socialize with other dogs and people. So, look for dog parks in the area you are traveling. Then, your pup will be exhausted, happy, and ready to hit the road!

Vaccinations and Records

Keep copies of your canine’s vaccination records handy in your van. This way, you can ensure you are prepared if you encounter any medical issues and need to see a vet while traveling. Additionally, some campgrounds require vaccination records of dogs coming in.

Food and Water

This tip may be obvious but always have clean water and plenty of food available for your furry friend. If you are living the van life with your dog, you are probably traveling to many different locations across state borders. So, ensure that you choose readily available food everywhere you travel. It can be hard on your pup’s digestive system to change foods. So, make van life easier on them and stick to the same food year-round!

Follow the tips on van life above if you are a dog owner!

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