How to Stop Fido from Eating Your Houseplants

Even if your house plants aren’t toxic to your furry friend, we still want to keep them from chewing on plants. So, how can you do that?


Just like teaching your fur baby to sit, you can teach them to stay away from your plants too! Every pet is different regarding training; however, we recommend clicker training or water spritzes. Clickers are little handheld devices that emit a clicking noise to deter pets from whatever behaviors you want to change. So, you can teach Fido to “sit”, “stay”, “stop” and “leave it” to keep your plants safe.


The easiest way to keep your pet’s nose out of your pots is to move the plants to ledges or windowsills they cannot reach. If you don’t have high enough sills, look into different types of plant stands or bookshelves to store leafy friends! Spiky or pokey plants, like cactuses, should be kept in plastic containers or as far from your pets as possible to avoid injury. Houseplants that tend to shed leaves also need to be maintained as the leaves can be poisonous to Fido too.


If your plant is too big to raise off the ground, another option is to DIY doggy-proof spray with either diluted lemon juice with water or diluted vinegar! These concoctions will not harm your plants or your pet but leave a bitter taste in Fido’s mouth to keep them from returning for another snack.

You can also use water and motion detection to deter your pal from eating plants. The motion detector will spray water if it detects motion in the area. This is a simple and safe way to keep your canine away from your plants. Additionally, you can use sound too. Dogs can hear at much higher frequencies than we can. So, if you play a high-frequency sound near the plants you want your pal away from, they will leave them alone.

Use the tips above to keep your companion from eating the plants around your home or in your garden.

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