What to Watch on Netflix with Your Dog

Looking for something to watch on Netflix while you cuddle up with your furry friend? Read below for some great series and movie recommendations!



This Netflix docu-series is a great show to binge with your pup. It tells the story of dogs and their owners around the world and celebrates the bonds between humans and their companions. The show’s two seasons take viewers on an inspirational journey that highlights the special qualities of these furry friends.

The Hidden Life of Pets

This 4-part documentary series shows off the near-human traits of our pets. Additionally, the show explores these animals’ emotional and intellectual intelligence that we are only beginning to understand. The episodes also examine how our pets communicate and their senses and skills. This show is a must-watch because it shows all that our furry friends have to offer and how they are such an important part of our lives.

Pet Stars

This series focuses on the owners of a Los Angeles-based talent management company that specializes in animal influencers. They do various services around these animal influencers, including casting and filming commercials for pet products. The show is goofy and adorable and is one that you can just turn on and enjoy!


Dog Gone Trouble

This animated movie is about a pampered dog named Trouble whose wealthy owner has provided him with everything possible she could buy. Now, he must learn to live in the real world after her passing. All while he is trying to escape his former owner’s greedy children. This is a great movie to watch with your kids too!

Rescued by Ruby

This real-life story of dog Ruby and State Trooper Dan. Dan dreamed of joining the K-9 Search & Rescue Team. However, no one would give him a chance. Then, fate brought Dan and Ruby together as partners to face their toughest challenge. This is an inspirational and great family movie to enjoy with your pup!


This remake of a popular 1974 movie tells the story of two kids who befriend an orphaned pup named Benji. When the kids get into trouble with some crooks, Benji comes to the rescue and helps to heal their family.

To Be of Service

This documentary film focuses on veterans with PTSD who find that service dogs help them return to an independent-feeling life. The movie follows former military members whose service dogs help them cope with their PTSD. These specially trained dogs are the most successful form of treatment for these veterans as hope is at the center of this incredibly moving story.

There are so many great things to watch on Netflix but dog-focused content is the best! Now get out the popcorn and the dog-friendly treats and get watching!

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