Should You Show Your Dog in Your Dating Profile?

Should You Show Your Dog In Your Dating Profile?

Have you wondered how to make your dating profile the best it can be? Would highlighting Fido make it better? Read below to learn if you should show your dog in your dating profile!

Conversation Starter

Including your dog in your dating profile photos is a great way to stand out among the crowd. For example, it has been found that singles are more likely to reach out to someone on a dating app if they have a picture of their pet in their profile. Not only does it show that you have a soft spot for animals, but it is a great way to get the conversation rolling! What is your pet’s name? How long have you had your companion? What was your favorite childhood pet? What kind of dog do you want in the future? The topics of conversation are endless!

Fido Is Family

Dating profiles often include group photos with friends and family. And Fido is no different! We spend time playing, cuddling, watching movies, and so much more, just like family! Pretty much everyone agrees that any pet is part of the family. I mean, who can disagree that our beloved fur babies aren’t? Whether they are referred to as your child or your sibling in your home, we love them just the same!

Deal Breaker?

As we mentioned, Fido is family, and you want to find a partner that loves every part of it. Our companions play a huge role in our lives that we wouldn’t trade for anything. As dog owners, we want to find equally dog-loving partners. So, showing off your furry friend is a great way to highlight their importance in your life. If our pups play a role in our lives, why shouldn’t they play a role in our dating lives?

Our canine companions are one of the most important aspects of our lives. So, let the world know it and show your dog in your dating profile!

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