Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Roadtrip

Road trips are so much fun and are even more enjoyable with your furry friend. But, bringing your pup can also be a challenge. Below are some tips to help make it a smooth and fun experience.

German Shepherd Dog Sticking Head Out Driving Car Window


If you have an anxious pup when it comes to car rides, take some short practice trips to help your up get more comfortable with the car. These trips need to include positive experiences so your four-legged friend will have positive associations with the car. This can include giving your pal treats, taking them to the park, pet store, or even grandma’s house. The idea is to go somewhere other than the vet to discontinue that association with the car. If you need help with training, click here.

Visit The Vet

Before you take on your journey, you should check with your vet to ensure that they are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations. You can also talk with your vet about nausea and stress medications if you think your pal may benefit from that help.

Pet-Friendly Route

You need to plan your trip around your and your companion’s needs. This includes potty breaks and exercise. Most rest stops have dog areas for them to go potty and play safely.


Don’t leave without the essentials! Remember to pack food, water, treats, medicine, toys, poop bags, and a leash. You should also consider a seat cover to protect your seats and keep your companion safe. If your pal is anxious, you may want a thunder jacket or calming treats to help with the ride.


Keep your pal engaged and entertained throughout the ride. Bring their favorite chew toy to keep them busy and prevent them from chewing on the seats and seatbelts. Also, you should bring toys to play with at rest stops such as tug toys that will wear out your dog physically and mentally. With that being said, wear your pup out before getting in the car. An exhausted dog is a well-behaved dog.


Breaks are needed and should be taken every 2-3 hours. So, you should use this time to play and give your companion plenty of attention. If you notice your pal getting antsy, take a break as needed. You may need more or fewer breaks depending on your dog to keep them tired and happy.

Taking a road trip with your furry friend can be a fun and memorable bonding experience for both of you. So, follow the tips above and hit the road!

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