When Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

Trimming your pal’s nails is not always their favorite activity. However, you can create a positive experience with the process so they learn to tolerate it. The first step with getting your pal used to trim their nails is trimming them frequently.

Frequency of Trims

If possible, it is best to trim your pup’s nails weekly or bi-weekly. The more frequently you cut your pal’s nails, the more the quick will recede. The quick is the section of your dog’s nail that contains blood vessels and nerves. The more the quick is receded, the shorter you can trim their nails.

Additionally, a good rule of thumb is that your companion’s nails should not touch the ground when they are standing. So, you should trim your pup’s nails as frequently as needed to achieve this.

Other Factors

Depending on the surfaces your pal spends most of their time on will effect how often they need their nails trimmed. The harder the surface, the more their nails will wear down and the less frequently you will have to cut. This includes asphalt and concrete that will wear down the nails. Carpet, grass, or laying on the couch will not wear the nails down and will require trimming. Additionally, certain activities will wear the nails down. This includes digging, agility or other activities. Also, if your pal is fed a nutritious and balanced diet, their nails will be stronger and less brittle. Certain vitamins and minerals will affect the growth rate of your companion’s nails too. So, just pay attention to their nails and trim them as needed.

What If They Are Too Short?

Your pal’s nails are too short if you cut into the quick. This is more likely to happen is your pup squirms or if they have black nails. If you do cut into the quick, be sure to have something such as a towel to stop the bleeding. To avoid this, cut a little at a time and try to keep your pal calm during trimming sessions. You can always continue to trim but you can’t add their nails back on! Also, be sure to cut the nail at the correct angle to avoid the quick.

Dog nail trimming guide colorful outline icons set. Pet claws cutting instruction with cut line

Remember to trim you pal’s nails regularly and keep them short enough so they do not touch the ground when they are standing. Though trimming your companion’s nails can be a challenge, it is important to keep up with!

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