The Benefits of Air-Dried Dog Food

If you are looking for a clean and nutritious diet for your canine companion, look no further than air-dried dog food! Air-dried dog food is made by slowly drying out raw ingredients with air. Read below to learn about the benefits of this diet! No Artificial Preservatives Or Fillers The process of making air-dried dog

Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Clearwater, Florida

Whether you live in Clearwater or are going on a road trip, dog-friendly beaches are a must in Florida! So, you can read below to learn about dog-friendly beaches in Clearwater, Florida! Fort De Soto Fort De Soto is a county park in Clearwater. Your furry friend is allowed anywhere else in the park on

The Best Life Jackets for Dogs

Are you planning fun water activities for you and your furry friend this summer? Read below for the best dog life jackets to keep your canine safe on summer adventures! Importance of a Life Jacket Though your dog may be a great swimmer, a life jacket ensures your companion’s safety. Your pal can’t tell when

Signs of Gluten Intolerance in Dogs

Gluten intolerance is a condition that affects dogs as well as humans. So, do you think your pal could have a gluten intolerance? Read below to learn the signs of gluten intolerance in dogs. Digestive Problems Digestive problems in your canine can include vomiting or diarrhea. This can be one of the first signs that

These Dog Breeds Love the Water

Aside from dog breeds with water in their name (such as the American Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Portuguese Water Dog, and Spanish Water Dog) what breeds love the water? Read below to learn more! Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniels are moderately active, cheerful, affectionate, and adaptable. They were originally bred to be turkey hunters but

Can My Dog Get Seasonal Allergies

You may be no stranger to seasonal allergies. But, can Fido have allergies too? Can My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies? Yes! Just like you, your pal can be sensitive to pollen, ragweed, mold, and other seasonal allergens. Symptoms Your companion’s allergy symptoms may be similar to your own. Some symptoms to look out for include:

The Best Slow Feeders for Dogs

If your pal eats too quickly, you might consider a slow feeder. These bowls have raised patterns to slow down the speed your pal can eat which lowers the risk of bloat and aids digestion. And, it adds a bit of a challenge to mealtime! Outward Hound This bowl comes in a variety of sizes

How to Stop Fido from Eating Your Houseplants

Even if your house plants aren’t toxic to your furry friend, we still want to keep them from chewing on plants. So, how can you do that? Training Just like teaching your fur baby to sit, you can teach them to stay away from your plants too! Every pet is different regarding training; however, we

What to Watch on Netflix with Your Dog

Looking for something to watch on Netflix while you cuddle up with your furry friend? Read below for some great series and movie recommendations! Docu-Series Dogs This Netflix docu-series is a great show to binge with your pup. It tells the story of dogs and their owners around the world and celebrates the bonds between

Dog-Friendly Shampoo & Why You Should Use it

Your companion is special and requires appropriate products. So, you should never use your products or anything meant for humans on your pooch. Instead, use some of the dog-friendly products listed below! The Problem With Human Products Just like humans, the skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin is regularly exposed to

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